What is the engine of SWP compact street sweeper?
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What is the engine of SWP compact street sweeper?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-14-2023      Origin: Site

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Currently, the more common street sweepers on the market can be divided into three categories according to their power fuel of diesel, electricity and hydrogen. What we are talking about is diesel road sweepers. For a diesel road sweeper, the engine is actually equivalent to the heart of the machine. The engine was first born in England, so the concept of engine also comes from English. Its original meaning is "a mechanical device that generates power." Now we generally define an engine as a machine that can convert other forms of energy into mechanical energy. It is applicable to power generating devices and can also refer to the entire machine including the power device. Engine includes internal combustion engines, external combustion engines, Jet engines, electric motors, etc. Common gasoline engines and diesel engines are typical internal combustion engines. What our SW-III road sweeper uses is an internal combustion engine.

Basic Parameters of Internal Combustion Engine

● Displacement

Displacement is the sum of the working volumes of each cylinder of the engine, generally expressed in liters (L). It is a very important parameter of an engine. It represents the size of the engine better than the bore and number of cylinders. Generally speaking, the larger the displacement, the greater the engine output power.

● Numbers of Cylinder

We often see the words "L4", "V6", "V8", "W12" and other words in the engine column of car information. These actually indicate the arrangement and number of engine cylinders. Commonly used cylinder numbers in automobile engines include 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, 10-cylinder, 12-cylinder, etc.

● Cylinder Arrangement

Cylinder arrangement refers to the arrangement of each cylinder of a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine. At present, the mainstream engine cylinder arrangements are L( in-line) and V(V-shaped) arrangement. Other non-mainstream cylinder arrangements include W:(W-shaped arrangement) and H:(horizontally opposed engine).

● Horsepower

Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power, or the rate at which work is done, usually in reference to the output of engines or motors. 

Basic Structure Of Internal Combustion Engine

An internal combustion engine is mainly composed of an engine body and an engine block. The body is the skeleton of the engine and the installation basis for the various mechanisms and systems of the engine. All the main parts and accessories of the engine are installed inside and outside. So it bears various loads. Therefore, the body must have sufficient strength and rigidity. The engine block is mainly composed of cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder gasket and other parts.

Parameters of SW-III Engine

When communicating with customers, many customers are very concerned about the brand and parameters of the engine, because the engine can largely reflect the performance of the road sweeper. The following are the detailed parameters of the engines used by our road sweeper SW-III:

● Features And Benefits


The V1505 naturally aspirated engine complies with EPA Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations that are effective through the end of 2012. This engine also complies with EU Stage ⅢA requirements that are effective through 2012 and beyond in the European market.

Durable Power

1.The Kubota 05 Series is an established leader in its horsepower range and has been the preferred power source of various industrial equipment manufacturers.

2.The V1505 NA engine offers a seamless transition from Tier 2 to Interim Tier 4 by

maintaining the same footprint and hardware mounting points with only slight performance changes from the Tier 2 engine.

Clean and Quiet Power

Kubota's original E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) has been improved. The airflow, combustion chamber and piston recess were optimized to provide a 50% lower particulate matter (PM) level, the same stringent level as above the 37kW class (EPA Interim Tier 4 Option 1).

● Rated Power

Rated Power

● Performance Curve

Performance Curve

● General Specification



Emission Regulation

Interim Tier 4/ Stage IIIA


Vertical 4-cycle Liquid Cooled Diesel

Number of Cylinders




Combustion System


Intake System

Naturally Aspirated

Out put: Gross Intermittent


Oil Pan Capacity


Maximum Speed


Alternator Capacity

12V, 40A

● Dimensions


Different engines have different performance capabilities. We are currently exploring more high-quality engines that can be adapted to our road sweepers. If there is any news, our company will release it in time, so stay tuned.

SWP (China) Clean Equipment Limited is a foreign investment company and a leading high-tech manufacturer of compact street sweeper and cleaning equipment.

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