How does a compact street sweeper work?
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How does a compact street sweeper work?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-29-2023      Origin: Site

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The main purpose of a compact street sweeper is to keep the streets safe and keep the roads clear and usable by picking up the nails, small debris, the loose gravel, glass, metal, dirt, sand, etc. Our compact street sweeper combines with brooms, high pressure watering system, vacuum hose, suction vent. The hopper capacity of our street sweeper is 800 liters which get sucked up through the sweeper direct suction vent and dumped for disposal. How does a compact street

sweeper work? Let’s see.

Brooms and direct suction vent

There are the spouts at the front of sweeper which wet the road and debris. It not only can help to prevent dust, but also it allows the dirt and debris to be compacted, then be better swept toward the head. We have four brooms. Two are at the front of sweeper. Two are in the middle of the sweeper. Which can help to push the debris toward the center skirt to the utmost extent. Then the direct suction vent suck the debris into hopper.

The hopper capacity of our compact street sweeper is 800L. When the hopper is full, it will enforce you to drive up to the garbage dump to unloading it. This capacity is neither too big nor too small. Take care that it is very difficult and dangerous discharge in a street garbage bin when you have a container bigger than 800L or more. This avoids the time lag of having to look for large garbage stations to dump garbage because the garbage bin is too large, thereby saving time and improving the cleaning time. In addition, our sweepers can be lifted to 1.45m and dump garbage at any angle to easily adapt to different bins and ensure that all garbage is dumped cleanly.

Vacuum hose

Many sweepers can not used as leaf machines. But our compact street sweeper can. We have the vacuum hose designed to suck piles of leaves, discarded beverage bottles, etc. This can help to keep the roads and drains clear.

High pressure watering system

Our street sweeper is equipped with high pressure watering system. It is High pressure cleaner 110 Bar with automatic pipe rewind which can be used for watering and help to clean stubborn stains, such as floor garbage, wall advertisements, and so on.

Fog cannon

It has the function of working spray, which can effectively reduce the dust when the machine is working. It can be used for dust removal and spraying on construction sites, large garden, greening trees, road shelter belts, and so on.

Snow Shovel

Our compact street sweeper can be equipped many attachment parts. One of them is the snow shovel, which can be used for snow clearing operations on various roads, such as urban sidewalks, squares, etc. Besides, it also can be used to clear lightly compacted snow. 

Our compact street sweeper has strong power, compact body, flexible steering, and can quickly install different attachments. Currently, we are still developing more attachment parts to adapt to different application scenarios and industries, such as infrastructure, gardening, municipal maintenance, agriculture, etc. Let us look forward to it together.

SWP (China) Clean Equipment Limited is a foreign investment company and a leading high-tech manufacturer of compact street sweeper and cleaning equipment.

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