What Is a Compact Street Sweeper?
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What Is a Compact Street Sweeper?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-10-2023      Origin: Site

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What Is a Compact Street Sweeper?

Compact street Sweeper is small and compact sweeper compared to large street sweeper. For SWP compact street sweeper, it is multi-functional while maintaining a small and compact size, such as our SW-III.

What Is a Compact Street Sweeper?

How does a compact street sweeper work?

The compact street sweeper is to keep roads safe and usable by removing debris from the road without harming people and animals or damaging vehicles. Most sweepers are equipped with a round broom head, water spray and suction assembly. However, some sweepers are equipped with round nozzles on the front in addition to the round broom head that can wet the road to assist cleaning, while some sweepers are only used for dry cleaning.

For SWP SW-III, in addition to the brooms, it is equipped with a vacuum suction hose and a high-pressure washing systems. The vacuum suction hose can be used to vacuum dust, piles of leaves, garbage in green belts, etc. The high-pressure flushing system has an automatic collection pipe and can be used for watering to help clean stubborn stains, such as ground garbage, wall advertisements, etc. These auxiliary cleaning functions help to improve cleaning efficiency and cleanliness. In addition, our company also has a variety of adapted accessories, which can be used in different situations in different fields, such as snow rollers, snow shovels, etc.

Where can a compact street sweeper work?

A compact street sweeper is designed to clean all the places where large street sweeper can not reach. For example, our SW-lll can be used in city centers, cycle tracks, pedestrian areas, arcades, car parks and so on.

Cycle Tracks
Pedestrian Areas
Recreational Parks

City Centers
Parking Lot
Factory Plant

What are the characteristics and advantages of a compact street sweeper?

The main characteristic of compact street sweepers is the compact size. SWP SW-III also has many other characteristics as below:

●  Direct Suction Vent

Increases the suction power. It can be lifted up to 1.45m for dumping and to clear suction hose from eventual debris.

●  Automatic Suction Vent Lifting

It can lift up automatically in reverse, to avoid any damage hitting fixed objects(curbs, gutters, etc.)

●  Pre Filter And Inox Filter

The two stainless steel dust filters can be cleaned easily and quickly without tools.

●  Easy Maintenance

With only one spanner it is possible to reach all the mechanical components and make inspection and maintenance easy and quick.

●  Front Brush Protection

Front brushes (optional) have an anti-shock system to avoid damages in case of accidental knocks.

●  Emptying

Hopper capacity is 800lt. It can discharge into a normal road bins to work for longer without stopping.

A compact street sweeper can bring many benefits such as environmental protection, safety and health benefits. SWP is always strengthening cooperation with our overseas partners. We are trying to develop more multifunctional and versatile latest and smart products to meet the growing market demand for compact street sweepers.

SWP (China) Clean Equipment Limited is a foreign investment company and a leading high-tech manufacturer of compact street sweeper and cleaning equipment.

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