Compact Street Sweeper SW-III Shown at 134th Autumn Canton Fair
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Compact Street Sweeper SW-III Shown at 134th Autumn Canton Fair

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 10-23-2023      Origin: Site

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In the golden autumn of October, the fragrance of osmanthus blooms. In this season of harvest and sowing, the first phase of the 134th Autumn Canton Fair opened grandly on October 15, 2023. As a Chinese Compact Street sweeper manufacturer, SWP is honored to bring our compact street sweeper SW-III to the exhibition. This Canton Fair provides our company with an excellent platform to showcase our compact street sweeper with multi functions to global customers.


Compact Street Sweeper SW-III

SW-lll is a compact street sweeper designed to clean city centers, cycle tracks, pedestrian areas, arcades, car parks and all those places where large street sweepers cannot be used. It's with  multi functions and all operations controlled by hydraulic. Besides, it includes many solutions designed to ensure ease use and maintenance without any specific tools and training.


Our customers

The number of customers received by this exhibition has increased significantly compared with the same period of the 133rd edition. SW-III attracted customers from various countries at the exhibition, such as Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and Brazil. , Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.



At the exhibition, many customers were not only interested in the diesel model SW-III which shown at the booth, but also interested in the new energy road sweeper. Our company is also stepping up our research and development speed. It is expected that the new energy compact street sweeper will be launched by the end of 2023. For more details about our compact road sweepers, please contact our sales team.

SWP (China) Clean Equipment Limited is a foreign investment company and a leading high-tech manufacturer of compact street sweeper and cleaning equipment.

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